Saturday, June 12, 2010


Dear Bogans* (primarily those who reside in the South-Eastern suburbs of Victoria),

To put it bluntly, I’m fucking sick of your racist bullshit.

It’s unfortunate, however, to know that you’ll never read this hate rant because you’re most likely one (or more) of the following:

1. Illiterate
2. Drunk
3. High on illicit substances
4. Given that you can read, struggling to comprehend the English in which I speak

Do you honestly believe that due to your greatness in numbers that you’re of an elite group of beings? Do you really think that because your forefathers are convicts, you’re family is in a more respectable and powerful position than mine of first generation immigrants?

Yes, I might be flattered by your greeting- if I were actually Japanese. If your pathetic attempt at being worldly wasn’t filled with spite. And if you didn’t scream it out to me about ten times. It’s quite sad to acknowledge that our encounter was probably the extent of your multiculturalism. Alongside the notion of China being equivalent to Asia, of course (that all Asians are Chinese. Which is perplexing, considering you spoke Japanese to me).

Although I may be able to communicate comfortably in the aforementioned language, I’m obviously fluent in English.

Need I point out that my enunciation, grammar and vocabulary, though imperfect, all surpass yours? Given your shallowness, I think it might also be necessary to mention that I completed high school, attend university, and will have purpose in life.

Your inference of “[us] Asians” stealing your jobs and children’s chances of attaining a proper education is utter crap. It’s not because corrupt employers want to pay less wage or because of sycophantic behaviour around educators.

It’s because you’re a bunch of lazy fucks.

I will admit to having the predisposition of judging people due to their race and cultural background (this rage session being an example). The difference between you and me, however, is that I’m not so devoid of common sense so as to openly voice it to them.

Unlike you, your predecessors, and your faux-surfer peers, I respect those in the community. I earn my own money. I always offer my seat to the elderly and the sickly on public transport. I volunteer. I speak courteously to those around me, and I don’t behave like an obnoxious imbecile in public.

Unlike you, my existence will one day contribute to a greater cause.

I don’t think it necessary to be inebriated during every waking moment of my life at the age of 20. Which just goes to show the quality of life you must be leading.

May you enjoy further deteriorating yourself at ‘The Bezza’ every weekend.

I don’t care if I’m being hypocritical by abusing your lack of education, low socio-economic status, and revolting upbringing.

You’re all ignorant motherfuckers who are beyond saving.

* Please excuse the heavy stereotyping, I’m trying to have a hate rant here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Don't you just hate it when you lend people things... And they never return it?

It's been two weeks and this particular person has failed to acknowledge that they still have my item, despite my incessant outbursts of, "remember to give me back my stuff!" Despite having sat in class together. Despite having celebrated birthdays together. Despite seeing them at least six times since the lending of said item.

When you offer to go to their place after dinner to pick up your possession, they reply with, "no no, I'll give it back to you next time I see you", clenching onto their partner, clearly not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to get laid.

It would take literally five minutes or less to retrieve something from their room, put it in my hands, and let me out of the house. How inconsiderate and selfish can you be?

When someone borrows something, it should be their responsibility to give the item back to you.

You're the one doing a favour for them.

You shouldn't have to constantly chase them up for it.

What ever happened to being thankful?

What ever happened to appreciation?

This is getting fucking ridiculous.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hunting for Witches

Melbourne taxi drivers are notorious for their lack of ethics. More often than not, they are subject to racial discrimination and violence.

I'd always thought it unfair. I mean, hey, they're immigrants trying to make a living. They work long, sleepless shifts and have to deal with anything from drunk passengers throwing up on the dashboard to horny couples frisking each other in the backseat. They've got families to feed. Children to educate.

My sympathy no longer exists.

A few nights ago, having had a few to drink, I had no choice but to catch a cab home with a couple of friends and was last on the itinerary. I'm unsure as to how the event actually occurred, but my iPhone managed to slip out and plant itself somewhere in the taxi. As I remain adamant about putting it in my bag, I'm clearly oblivious to it being missing. I get home, flip through my bag to check the time, only to see that my phone's no where to be seen.


What can I do? Call it. Having been a friendly passenger who tipped, I thought, "the ringer's on full volume, maybe he'll hear it ringing, be nice, drive back, and bring me my phone".

I called it x times (x being any number of times that ranged over 15-20 minutes). Each time being redirected to voicemail.

On the x+1th call, I was greeted by the bland Optus lady voice telling me that the handset's been switched off.


A swift call to Optus and five minutes later, my SIM card's locked, phone's barred through its IMEI and I'm devoid of an iPhone.

It's amazing how one immoral act from one Indian fucktard of a taxi driver can cause me to loathe an entire generation of a race and turn me into one of the people I once frowned upon.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hands Away

For every guy who's perplexed by girls who say that they're "looking for a nice guy" but then run off with assholes, there's a girl wondering what the fuck is so wrong with her that she can't even get a date for a goddamn movie.

I am one of those girls.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

La Vie, L'amour

Having had a good lurk around the Internet, I stumbled across some blogs written by noteworthy, mature (though possibly sometimes behaving otherwise), humorous people.

Blogs that aren't filled with mind-numbing content along the lines of:
"this is what I did today, it was fun"
"I hate ____, he/she is such a bitch, if you're reading this, you know who you are"
"today, I went shopping and this is what I bought [insert enough images to cap my usage plan]"
"[insert plethora of camerawhore photos]"

Nevermind the fact that they were mainly recipe blogs. I'm just glad to see that somewhere within the crevices of the World Wide Web, there are people who aren't the narcisstic, shallow, vapid 'youth' I'm often forced to be associated with.

I honestly believe I was born into the wrong Generation.